Sunday, October 18, 2009

  1. © What is the video about?It's about turs,a trip, visit.

    * What is the couple doing in the city?
    Visiting taking a vacation

    * What is the name of the city?Is santa fe

    * Which is the oldest part of the city?The central plaza

    * What place is now a museum?Is a palace of governors

    * How much is the necklace?60 dls

    * What is the necklace made of?Silver & turquoise

    * What are the house mode of? Adobe

    * Make a list of places named in the video. History Museum, Santa Fe, Central Plaza.

    * What does the man eat at the end of the video? How does he feel?
    He ate a hot papper and he felt burning

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello, Students!

Please write a story that answers the following questions about yourself:

1. Who gets up first?
2. Who washes the dishes?
3. Who cooks the food?
4. Who polishes the car?
5. Who sets the table?
6 Who irons the clothes?
7. Who empties the trash?
8. Who works in the yard?
9. Who goes shopping?
10. Who goes to bed first?

If you need any help, check the here the Merriam Webster Dictionary
Please post your comments.
This is due for October 12th, 2009. Enjoy writing!

Friday, October 2, 2009


1.-finish engineering
2.-having a business.
3.-defraud people who trust in me.
4 .- do things that damage my integrity as a person.
5 .- be alone and without the support of my family, because they are the most important now and for ever for me.
6.-to know that I am different from others and I can achieve everything I set out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog try-out!!

Hello, Students!

This is a try-out exercise for your blog.
Here are the instructions:
1. Please take a moment to think about the future and what our life will be like.
2. Write down:
a) Something you plan to do,
b) something you hope to do,
c) something you definitely won't do,
d) something you hope you'll never do,
e) something that worries you about the future (say why)
f) something that makes you feel optimistic about the future (say why)

If you need to find vocabulary words to talk about these topics, please click on the following link: Merriam Webster Dictionary

This exercise is due for September 21st, 2009
Enjoy writing!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inglés I

Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila
Welcome to English I!
Teacher: Ijclivi Castro Ramírez
As a part of our new Competence-based English course, it is important to have a knowledge of Multimedia tools.
So, here it is! During this course, we are going to use this wonderful tool, which is the blog.
There are many different blog webpages that you can use, the purpose of this one, is to initiate you in this wonderful tool that, hopefully, will help you establish communication with new friends even after you finish this English course.
In order to mantain a friendly environment in this blog, here are some important rules to follow:
  • You are not allowed to use inaproppriate language in this blog.
  • You are not allowed to download offensive material to this blog, specifically obscene material or with sexual content.
  • All your comments displayed in this blog should be positive.
  • You are not allowed to address in an offensive way another classmate.

Enjoy your class and have fun listening, writing and reading English!!